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Mental Health

Research has shown that one in five people in Canada will suffer a mental illness of some kind.  Many don't ask for help out of shame or fear.

Maintaining your mental health is a lot like eating well and exercising: it requires a little effort every day.  Everyone has to face stresses and demands, but we all need and deserve a break.  Devote a little of each day to improving your mental health. The rewards of better mental health may include feeling better and less chance of illness (such as heart disease or depression).

Some simple ways to practice mental fitness:

• Learn how to cope with negative thoughts: Negative thoughts can be insistent and loud: don't let them take over. Distract yourself or comfort yourself if you can't solve a problem right away. Try seeing the issue from all sides rather than from just one point of view.
• Be in the present: When you're out for a walk or socializing, turn off the cell phone and take in all the sights and sounds around you. Smell the roses!
• "Collect" positive emotional moments: Make a point of thinking about those times when you've felt pleasure, comfort, tenderness, confidence or other positive emotions. • Enjoy hobbies: A hobby helps bring balance to your life. You're doing something because you want to, rather than because you have to. No pressure. It's a form of mental stimulation too.
• Treat yourself well: It could be a good meal, a bubble bath, a movie, or just sitting in the park enjoying nature. Small daily treats have a cumulative effect.
• Get exercise: Regular physical activity is good for the mind. It can even reduce depression and anxiety. Joining an exercise group or gym is even better because it connects you with others. 

Courtesy Of Canadian Mental Health

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