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Vaccinations are one of the most important and effective ways of protecting your child from harm and disease. Polio, chicken pox, mumps, and hepatitis are serious diseases can cause immense harm and lifelong disability. Fortunately, such diseases can be prevented through childhood vaccinations.

Common questions with answers

Are vaccinations safe?
Yes, safety is Canada’s #1 priority as they provide protection to millions of peopled to fit against disease. They are held in pretty high standards.

What’s in the vaccines?
Depending on the type of vaccine, they contain either a dead of altered form of a disease forming pathogen.

What are the short term and lasting effects of vaccines?

  • A low fever
  • Being fussy
  • Being sleepier than usual
  • A stiff, slightly swollen or sore arm/leg where the needle was inserted.

Can my child develop autism from vaccines?
According to the government of Canada, vaccines do NOT cause autism. There have been many studies to prove so.

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